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How to Communicate with a Loved One in Hospice Care

Good Heart Hospice: Hospice Care in Southern California

How to Communicate with a Loved One in Hospice Care Visiting and communicating with a loved one in hospice care can be emotionally draining and challenging. Nobody looks forward to seeing their loved one in this situation but keeping communication open is absolutely crucial for both you and your loved one. Everyone imagines that they’ll […]

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Provider

Hospice care is a set of services that anyone might need at the end of life. Although we might not like to think about it, anyone of us could be in a situation where hospice is required. While you might not have a choice about your loved one’s health or current situation, you do have […]

How Hospice Affects Loved Ones and How We Can Help

How Hospice Affects Loved Ones and How We Can Help Some of the worst words for anyone to hear from a doctor are, “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your loved one has less than 6 months left to live.” It is always devastating to get the news that a […]

What is Hospice Care? What Does Hospice Care Provide?

What is hospice care? “You matter because of who you are. You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can , not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.” — Dame Cicely Saunders. Hospice care focuses on the quality of life rather than […]

FAQ: What Is It Like to Receive Hospice Care at Home?

The experience of hospice care provided at home is not familiar to many people. To help explain how hospice helps support families providing care to a terminally ill loved one at home, here is one family’s story of receiving hospice care at home: Charles was being treated for prostate and bone cancer for eight months […]

Medicare’s Hospice Benefit in California

Medicare’s Hospice Benefit: Little Known, Little Used Coping with a terminal illness can be a difficult enough experience without having to worry about pain management, medication costs, and assistance with caregiving. Surprisingly, many Medicare beneficiaries are unaware that Medicare’s all-inclusive Hospice Benefit is available to assist dying patients and their families with these issues at […]

How Hospice Works

If you qualify for hospice care, you and your family will work with your hospice team to set up a plan of care that meets your needs. For more specific information on a hospice plan of care, call your national or state hospice organization.You and your family members are the most important part of a team that […]

Why Hospice Care is More Important Today than Ever Before

Author: Dan HoganCredit to: Home Care & Hospice (National Association for Home Care & Hospice) The Affordable Care Act is driving all health care providers to find ways to improve outcomes in an environment of declining reimbursements. As payments go down, it’s important to consider how health care as a whole can increase efficiencies by […]

Medicare Coverage on Hospice & Respite Care

How often is it covered? Hospice care is usually given in your home, but it also may be covered in a hospice inpatient facility. Depending on your terminal illness and related conditions, the plan of care your hospice team creates can include any or all of these services: Doctor services Nursing care Medical equipment (like wheelchairs or […]