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What Type Of Services Does Hospice Provide?

Some patients do not want to pursue efforts for curing a fatal illness, condition or disease. Such people need hospice care. It focuses on the quality of life for patients with a life-limiting illness… READ MORE >>

When Should You Start Hospice Care?

According to a study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics, patients suffering from a lift limiting disease take too long to get hospice care… READ MORE >>

Why Should I Choose Hospice?

Hospice care offers end-of-life comfort and support to patients suffering from a terminal illness. The person who is about to die wants to spend a peaceful and comfortable time no doubt … READ MORE>>

Does Hospice Stay 24 Hours A Day?

Hospice care is offered by a hospice center or service. The team at the hospice center works with the primary caregiver of the patients to provide care and support… READ MORE>>

Which Hospice Services Are Offered To The Patient?

Hospice care is provided by a hospice service. The team includes a variety of healthcare professionals who work with the primary caregiver of the patient to provide them with care and support as and when needed… READ MORE>>

What Illnesses Does Hospice Cover?

Hospice care is usually not an option if your loved ones are terminally ill. It’s generally assumed that hospice care is for the end-stage cancer patients. This type of care is for anyone who is at the end stage of a life-ending illness.   READ MORE>>

What Is The Average Stay At A Hospice?

Have you or your loved one received a doctor recommended for hospice care? If yes, then your first question would be how long do I have to live in hospice care? Experts say that there is no single answer to this question. It depends on the patient’s condition.  READ MORE>>

What Is The Difference Between A Hospice And A Hospital?

No family wants to be placed in a difficult position of choosing hospice care for their loved ones. But when the doctors say that “there is nothing more we can do” you have no choice. READ MORE>>

What Are the 4 Levels of Hospice Care?

Medicare has defined 4 different levels of hospice care. Each level offers different benefits to the patients and their family. READ MORE>>

What Are The Most Common Hospice Diagnosis?

The NHPCO has presented data revealing the primary diagnosis of hospice patients. According to that data, here are the top 4 hospice diagnoses . READ MORE>>